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Investment Finance

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Allegiance Home Loans can help you get investment finance in Sydney and beyond. Investment finance helps you to achieve your property investment goals. There are many things to consider when purchasing an investment property and it is important that you research and plan before diving in. You need to know what the expected rental income will be and the outgoing expenses for the property. It is wise to also consider the property upfront costs like stamp duty, property inspections and solicitor costs just to name a few. Other considerations regarding the property purchase are location, rental return, infrastructure and whether the property will be new or established.

Investing in property when done right, can be the best decision you will ever make. It is recommended that you seek your own taxation / legal advice prior to purchase of an investment property. Due to Australia’s increasing population, many clients like to purchase an investment property to increase their own wealth.

At Allegiance Home Loans, we want you to achieve your investment goals by having the right investment finance in place. We can provide you with current property market reports and recent sales in the area you are thinking to invest in. We will discuss the loan options available.


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